Grape Orange Infused Water

Apr 5th

This energizing water is great for taking on the trail or on the way to the gym. For fast infusions, leaving the orange peel intact will result in stronger flavors, so just chop and go!

The recipe makes two infuser water bottles of of water, one of which you can keep for the next morning.

Recipe for two 25 oz Live Infinitely Bottles:

  • 1 half an orange, cut in slices then quartered
  • a bunch of organic purple grapes (12-20 depending on size)

Orange Infused Water Recipes

Divide your fruits for faster infusion. Remove the pointy ends of the orange, then it into 1/4″ – 1/2″ slices. The grapes should be halved, vertically.

Grape Orange Infused Water

Cutting the fruit should only take you a a few minutes. If you have large or dull knife, I highly recommend the Wustoff Santoko Knife for gettin’ the job done. It’s incredible.

Layer the oranges slices and grapes into the bottle’s infusion chamber, then let the water infuse for 30 minutes to 1 hour room at temperature. You can infuse overnight in the fridge, but be sure to remove the fruit in the morning to achieve the best taste.

Infused Water Bottle Recipies

This an interesting concept bottle by Live Infinity. Pick one up for yourself on Amazon!

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