Kiwi: Sadly Not a Great Choice for Infused Waters

Sep 26th

Kiwi is such a delicious fruit and it seems juicy enough to be an ideal ingredient for infused waters, but kiwi simply does not impart a lot of flavor in your infused water. After many test runs, I’ve given up on using kiwi in my water recipes. This theory was recently confirmed by infused water guru Jessica Goodrich who wrote “36 hours has produced a flavor that is more like the fruit and less like the smell. Definitely requires a LONG soak.” So, unless you are will to heavily muddle your kiwi, soak it for 36 hours, then double strain your water mixture, using kiwi is probably not worth it.

However! You can always put kiwi in your infused water if you want to add a splash of green color. Kiwi will not alter the flavor of your infused water because, as I was just saying, kiwi is flavorless when soaked in water. The skin is not bitter like citrus rind, either.

If you have had success using kiwi in your water recipes, please do let us know your secret!

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