Lemon Cucumber Alkaline Water

Jun 12th

The hunt for “alkaline water” is on these days, with kangen water filters costing upwards of $800! You don’t need to spend of money if you start your day with an alkaline drink made with lemons as a primary ingredient.

Even though they taste acidic, lemons are alkaline when digested by the body. Water is also naturally alkaline. In fact, your tap water only becomes acidic picking up mineral residue from old pipes or from being chemically altered by drinking water additives.

There are numerous health benefits to starting your day with room-temperature water, and lemons only add to that list of health benefits (aids in digestions, helps cleanse your liver, and so on).

Recipe: 2 slices of organic lemon and 3 slices organic cucumber. Be sure to use purified water. Leave the mixture out overnight night and drink the water when you first wake up – your body will thank you for it!

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