Lemon Infused Water

Apr 24th

A classic summertime staple, lemon water is the easiest and most refreshing infused water to make in a large beverage dispenser. The lemons stay intact and do not become clogged in the dispenser’s spigot, plus they release their flavor almost immediately. Add ice and you’ve created “nature’s lemonade.”

Recipe for a 2.5 gallon beverage dispenser: 1-2 organic lemons, sliced + purified water + 2-4 cups of ice.

If serving outside in hot weather, add fresh ice every 1-2 hours. The infusion will lose flavor every time you add more water and ice, so be sure to replace your lemon slices every other time you fill the dispenser.

Are you making this in a 32 Ball jar? If you appreciate a lot of tangy flavor, use a half of lemon. Otherwise, just use a couple of slices. If you find that the flavor is too bitter, cut the lemon rinds off before infusing.

Did you know that lemons are both a weight loss aid and liver cleanser? Lemons (and limes) also contain the least amount of sugar of any fruit, so add them without guilt to your water recipes.

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