Lemon Lime Infused Water – Rindless

Jun 28th

Packed with vitamin C, this citrus mixture is perfect for those who enjoy to drink and store their infused waters for several days. Cutting the rinds off result in a much sweeter, less bitter flavor than leaving the rinds on when infusing.

If you are serving this water at a party, infuse for 24 hours with rindless lemons and limes, then remove the fruit. Right before serving, add thin lemon slices as a visual garnish. Your guests will never know how you were able to get such deliciously intense citrus flavor from a few simple lemon slices, but it’s our secret!

Recipe for a 32 ounce glass jar: 2 slices of lemon and 2 slices of lime, rinds removed. Squeeze the juice from the remaining fruit ends into your glass or container for extra flavor.

You can see a visual demonstration at this blog post: http://www.infusedwaters.com/make-infused-water-taste-less-bitter-cut-rind

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